Tuesday 4 May 2010

Birthday week photo

Photographed this morning by my daughter in her local Tesco's - Yay!


  1. Thanks, guys. And just in case you're tired of all my bragging, Waterstone's didin't want it. So there was bad news as well as good (must give both sides of the story...)Or, as the verification word has just put it: dowspo

  2. Brilliant! Guess this means a visit to Tesco!

  3. I've always thought that being in a drugstore or grocery store would be the height of success.

    I'm probably influenced by growing up in towns where there were no actual bookstores, so most of my early bookbuying experiences were in places that are roughly the California equivalent of Tesco.

    Go outside and face east. The green of my envy should be visible somewhere on the horizon!

  4. Waterstones DIDN'T WANT IT? As my children would say WTF???
    Excellent to be in Tesco's though, and Smiths and all those other places WHERE IT IS!!!
    It will be very sweet revenge when the book's such a success that W's have to start stocking it.

  5. Hi David - thanks very much for that, but shouldn't I be looking West and not East...?

    Hi Alis - yes, I was disappointed about Waterstones, but my youngest son is a management consultant specialising in retail, and he says that (I think) £1 in every £9 we spend is spent in Tescos (not necessarily on books!), so I'm grateful for that. How's the novel going? and the Son?