Thursday 9 September 2010

The agent replies...

Well, she's read it, and she likes it, but but but...

Apparently it needs "moving up a gear", and I know exactly what she means. And all those little things I thought she'd overlook? Well, she noticed every last one of them. Damn. But that's what an agent is for, isn't it? Therfore I can't really complain. So it seems that the WIP is a WIP once more. Didn't I say I'd miss it? Well, I shall be seeing a whole lot more of it before I'm done (Alis, I guess you were right to be shocked at my lack of rewriting. Next time I'll listen to you!).

The biggest problem is that I am lazy. I'm bad at getting down to writing at the best of times, and this is going to be hard. But at least she didn't tell me to bin it.

I'm writing this while waiting for her to phone for a chat. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck - hope she's rung by now - let us know what she says!

  2. Thanks, Alis. Thanks, Keith. Actually things aren't as bad as I thought. The first time I read the email, all I saw was the bad news. When I read it again, it looked much better; quite encouraging, in fact. Agent phoned and was very nice, very sensible, and absolutely right.

    So now for the Big Re-write.

    But not before I go and spend a long week-end looking after grandchildren (while their parents party in Ibiza. Cinderella - that's me. And not a prince in sight. Sigh.)

  3. That's excellent news - good advice and encouragement! Yay!

  4. Have fun with the grandchildren. And I'm glad the phone call was encouraging.