Saturday 28 May 2011

Er...feminine hygiene

Thanks to today's Times (I thought I should put that bit first), I have just come across the website of a company bewilderingly named "I Love my Muff", which specialises in products developed in the interests of "feminine hygiene" (odd that a company with such an unashamedly specific name should be so coy as to use a euphemism to describe its products; but no matter).

While I was relieved to read that the products are suitable for vegans, and have involved no cruelty to aniamals (imagine trying to love the muff of a surprised - and no doubt indignant - animal while trying out special wipes/clippers or whatever), it did set me wondering.

Do people see a need, and set out to create something to fill it, or do they have an unusual idea (ie something no-one's thought of before) and set out to fill their own pockets? Personally, I think that (at least some of) these products probably fit into the same category as personalised gear stick covers and hats which double as umbrellas: ie, things that are largely unncessary, but also things that no-one has thought of before. And there is always the chance that someone, somewhere, will buy them.

(I should add that I'm all for hygiene, but I do think things can be taken too far!)


  1. That made me laugh, Frances.

    I have to say that although I of course do LMM, the prices on that site make me think that others must love theirs a whole lot more!

  2. Just paid a visit to the interesting little site. Clever idea - yet totally unneccesary.

    Internally our body cleanses itself 'down there' and outside normal soap and water for me!

    Very clever though - I wonder if many buy the products?

    Anna :o]

  3. Personally, I like my whole body to be clean, not just certain sections.

  4. Bernadette, Anna and Patsy - I think we're all of the same mind. A no-frills, soap and water approach to all our bits, "feminine" or otherwise!

  5. Uhhhh...I'm speechless. Really. Just speechless. (and clean. Everywhere.)
    Judy, South Africa

  6. Sounds like a money-making exercise! And I'm with most of the others - the simpler the better!

  7. I'm confused.
    Although popular in Victorian times, aren't muffs largely out of fashion now? Don't young ladies just wear gloves these days?
    As for cleaning - since they are largely made of fur can't you just wait for a dry breezy day and just let your muff air naturally?

  8. OMG, did I laugh!!! Thank you Frances for making me feel normal... I'm with you on this one.

    Why, oh why... Like HyerCRYPTICal said 'soap and water for me.'

    P.s the word verification use to post this on your blog was 'defox'
    I wondered if the said company could use it for a brand name;-)

  9. I'm glad everyone's on my side! But maybe Keith has a point. Ladies, shall we all take our muffs outdoors and dry them in the fresh air (and maybe sell a few books/stories/poems while we're there)?

  10. Soap and water for me thank you very much.