Monday 15 August 2011

Horse diaries

Not only has he been lame (better now) but he also had colic yesterday. They wanted to get the vet, but I said, wait. He does this, and then by the time the vet comes, he says, "tummy ache? What tummy ache? It wasn't me" (I think he's trying to avoid that thing where the vet sticks his entire arm up...well, you get the picture). And afterwards, there's a huge bill to pay.

So off we set today, in the sunshine. Lovely fields of golden stubble; everything fine. Two children's bikes on the verge caused an OMG moment (we galloped noisily away down the road to escape them), and a tent in a garden, ditto. And wheelie bins.

And a deer.

Me: Now, don't be silly. We know about deer. And they're much smaller than you. And look - that one's actually running away from you.
Titch: But it's leaping up and down! Why's it leaping up and down?
Me: It's a deer thing. It's what deer do.
Titch: I don't leap up and down!
Me: No. Because you're not a deer. Besides, you certainly do leap up and down. What about those bikes and that tent?
Titch: That was different. Besides, I've not been very well.

All in all, he seems a whole lot better.


  1. Glad to hear he's better and seems to be his usual self!

  2. Love it, Frances! Any excuse! Actually, that reminds meof the conversation between the elelphant and the mouse, which I heard years ago.
    "Ooh," said the mouse to the elephant, "you are BIG!"
    "Ooh,"said the elephant to the mouse, "you are SMALL"
    "Yes," said the mouse, "but I've been ill."

  3. Very sweet1 I must tell it to Titch.

  4. Well his powers of reasoning are certainly back to normal! Good to see Titch in working order again.

  5. Thanks, Rosemary. He's a terrible wuss, but gets away with it because he's beautful.

  6. It seems he's feeling fine (if not brave) now.

  7. Patsy, he isn't brave. He's a man!

    Hi, English Rider. Both, I think!

  8. Glad to hear that normality has been resumed.

  9. Thanks, Colette. We saw a yellow and white striped van this morning. Another terror to add to our collection (and they say horses don't see in colour!).