Thursday 18 August 2011

A small act of vandalism

A few nights ago, someone entered my eldest son's garden and shed and punctured all the tyres of the family's bikes (just before they take them with them on their holiday), and cut the cord of the lawnmower. A relatively trivial incident, I know, especially in the light of of the tragic outcomes of some of the rioting, but... WHY?

My son and his wife are gentle, caring people, both doctors. I wonder what the perpetrator(s) would say if they were not seen on time when they need medical attention? They would probably talk about their "rights".



  1. That's terrible! Grrrrrr.

  2. This is when I really prefer animals to people - when does an animal ever deliberately maliciously do such an unnecessary act? And as you say these are the people who talk about their rights all the time! Hoping your son & his wife have an extra fabulous holiday...bad beginning, good ending!

    Judy, South Africa

  3. Aliya, grrrrr says it all!

    Thanks, Judy.

  4. Things like this make nice, liberal, fair-minded people think horribly fascist thoughts...
    And then I remember (OK, I'm claiming to be a nice, fair minded etc) all the kids with learning difficulties that I've ever worked with who simply couldn't see the consequences of their actions because they lacked the mental wherewithal to do so. Makes for mayhem around them which is awful (and the suffering from it shouldn't be underestimated) but we need to be doing something to help kids (or indeed young adults) like this so that the mayhem (and consequent suffering) is reduced. Our education system is currently just throwing them on the scrapheap.

    I'm so sorry for your son and his family Frances - I hope they don't spend too much of their holiday gnashing their teeth at puncture repairs (or bills for same, given that they're busy people).

  5. Oh, I'm so sorry. Senseless! Especially cutting the cord on the lawnmower! What a wicked thought. Who would even come up with such an idea?? It reminds me of the hoodlums who keep knocking off our mailbox with a bat or some other weapon. All our mailboxes are bent and smashed and barely open and close. Your son and family must enjoy their holiday, and I'm sure they will.

  6. HORRIBLE, Frances. I wonder how those idiots would feel if something like that was done to their own property. I do try not to think 'horribly fascist thoughts' but it's hard not to ... even my not-quite-two year old grandson is beginning to learn that he can't just do whatever he wants, there will be consequences he won't like if he's naughty. But what consequences ARE there for the people indulging in this sort of behaviour, even if they're caught? Huh! Sorry - will get off my soapbox now. Hugs to you and your son & family. x

  7. I just don't get why people do things like this. I guess the people doing it don't really know either.

  8. Words can't even begin to say why? who? what were they thinking? Would have been better to have taken them away. What prats!!

  9. The big question is why.

    I realise that some 'tricks' like these - when the world was more innocent and nicer - were done out of misplaced 'devilment' - but in todays world, I tend to think more out of complete disregard for others.

    Bring back respect!

    Anna :o]

  10. What a malicious, senseless thing to do - is that the way people get their kicks these days?

  11. As thoughtless, annoying and expensively problematic as this was, it was quite possibly a prank that, in the eyes of the perpetrators, was funny and not malicious. It doesn't make it more forgiveable, of course, but
    it would be uncomfortable for your son and his wife to think that somebody had it out for them.

    My son was telling stories at dinner the other night about the tricks his friends (him, too??)used to play on people, some of which had significant consequences for the victims. At the time they just thought these things were hilarious. Even I couldn't help laughing hearing some of them, but puncturing tyres etc is pretty lame, I have to say.

  12. Thanks, Alis. Yes - a lot of the time I try to see the reasons behind this kind of thing, but on this occasion I really did see red because it seemed so pointless. Almost better if they'd taken the bikes!

    Hi, Yvonne. Yes - it almsot seemed calculated to cause the most inconvenience with the least effort!

    Olivia, I'm trying not to build a soapbox next to yours!

    Better is Possible - my point exactly!

    Hi, Patsy. I'm sure there's a strong element of showing off. No-one would bother to do this kind of thing without an admiring audience standing by!

    Suzy - prats indeed!

    Anna, I agree. Respect and proper parenting!

    Hi, Roaemary, I have a horrble feeling that the answer is yes!

    Thanks, Deborah. Actually, son and wife have been amazingly good about it. My son was certainly no angel when he was a student (funnily enough, he was regaling me the other day with some of the detials!), but certainly wouldn't have done anything like this. As you say, it was actually pretty lame!

  13. CCTV for the garden shed? Desperate times. Sometimes the best defense is a "Beware of the Dog!" sign.

  14. English Rider - I was thinking along the same lines. They need (at least) one of those lights that come on when anything moves.