Thursday 29 January 2015

Penge, limericks, and something to do while husband on the phone

My sister and I were discussing Penge (don't ask), and I said that its the kind of word that should feature in a limerick. But when I tried, I found out why nobody else had bothered. For nothing (except perhaps henge; not exactly a limerick-friendly word) rhymes with Penge...

There was a young lady from Penge,
Who fell out with her very best frenge.
But the young lady knew
That good frengeships are few,
So decided on making amenge.

I know. Terrible. But it does prove my point.


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  2. There was a young lady from Penge
    Determined to get her revenge
    So, in order to prove
    She decided to move
    To a little known village in Enge

    It really does exist, in Estonia!

    1. Do you know, I never thought of revenge! I congratulate you, !aggie.

  3. I love limericks! Can't make them up myself, but I certainly love reading those you come up with occasionally, Frances.
    And Maggie's is great, too!

    1. Meike, Maggie should restart her blog. And write limericks.

  4. I enjoyed them but am easily pleased.

    1. Damning with faint praise, Adrian. But I suppose it was all I deserved...

  5. There was a young lady from Penge
    Whose man was fair set to avenge
    The wrongs she had known
    When travelling alone
    On her way home from Stonehenge

  6. There was a young lady from Penge
    Who had teeth just like stone henge
    They were big and grey
    and on midsummer's day
    The sun shone through them for a change

    It nearly works if you say it in a very posh accent.

  7. Coincidences abound for me this week. I was just rooting in my bookcases for something and I came across Brian Wright's Penge Papers.

    1. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio: Confessions of an unwaged metropolitan house-husband.