Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Memory lane in the loft

 My son J and memory lane were made for each other. Home for the night, he decided to explore the loft (he's told me not to go up there  as there's no ladder). Here he is (or here are his feet). He's reading an old uni newspaper. That's about all I saw of him yesterday (his feet; not the newspaper). He went through his stuff, but sadly left most of it behind. He has a lovely new house, and clutter wouldn't look good. He also has a wife, who probably doesn't want it any more than we do.

That's all.


  1. One day I will have to go through the stuff that is in my parent's tiny attic. Most of it is their own, but there are one or two boxes from when my sister and I were children. Since neither of us went to uni (and therefore never had the kind of temporary quarters most students have during that time), we did not transfer stuff back to our parents once we left home.
    I hope your son enjoyed his trip down memory lane. And as for you not wanting his stuff anymore than he does - well, you know there is a simple solution... ;-)

  2. And there is that mother's need to help the children all she can and that often includes keeping all the old, moldy, keepsakes that are dear to the child, but not dear enough to take with her/him to her/his new home.

  3. Been there, done that! Our two had to clear their stuff out a couple of years ago so we didn't have quite the nightmare we once would have anticipated when getting packed up for our move next week.

    1. You're lucky, Rosemary. Good luck with the move!

  4. I love the fact that you are the one who ends up with the clutter. I remember my mum threw anything out that I didn't take away when I left home properly (with my permission).

  5. My brother is coming for a couple of months this summer. We had a loft clearance (of my loft) some years ago but there's even more in there now. I'm determined that by the end of the summer my loft contents will be down to manageable proportions.