Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Nudity and publicity

Musing on the subject of publicity, I thought it might be interesting to have a MNWers' calendar. You know - photos of us all, one per month, naked except for a book or an iPad or whatever. To be sold in bookshops, naturally. We might even invite someone like Hilary Mantel to make a guest appearance as, say, Miss August, with her Booker Prize trophy (is there one?) covering...something.

So - if you were to take part, what item would you use to preserve your modesty? And which line (or two) from one of your novels would you choose as the quote of the month?


  1. I'm sure this has been suggested before, but we're all such a bunch of killjoys nobody could be persuaded to get their kit off. I'd have to be Miss December, with three slices of coffee and walnut sponge over my bits, and the word FRIPL written across my stomach in eyeliner. Maybe in a lifeboat. Or on a clapped out old sofa, surrounded by bemused residents, in a retirement home. That could work.

  2. As soon as I posted this I thought - no-one will want to join in as they're all too busy and too serious, so thanks, Aliya (although I was sure you'd choose vegetables).

    I pondered this in the car today, and thought for Len, a herring, definitley, (or a kipper if the herring's not big enough), and a football for Tim, who's in world cup mode, and historical things for the historians (Queen Victoria's slipper, Henry V111's codpiece). Then I ran out of ideas. I think I'd be Miss May, playing the 'cello, which I do, and which covers most things.

  3. No Lady Godiva impersonations please. I think I will probably have a couple (!) of unsold books to cover my rude parts nicely,and perhaps to lend out a few to those with nothing to cover their moesty. But if not I think perhaps I'd go for a back view sitting on a royal throne with the royalty cheque stuck over my bottom like a stamp. (If I get one, that is.) It won't matter who I am anyway as historical fiction writers are always only visible from the neck down.

  4. YOu could look coyly over your shouler, Dee. You're not allowed to be anonymous.

  5. There's an extant photo of me made legal by the presence of a pineapple. Nothing writerly. We just happened to be in Hawaii.

    I suppose given my subject matter that a gun would be the inevitable choice. But I don't own one.

    So, I'm going to go with full frontal, but with a black bar over my eyes. And black socks.

  6. Oh David, what a shame! I rather liked the idea of the pineapple.