Thursday 10 June 2010

World cup - is everyone really interested?

The little flags are fluttering from cars, Wayne Rooney has already been very rude to someone, silly shirts and hats are selling like hot cakes (does anyone ever buy, never mind eat, hot cakes?). It's World Cup time.

I always assumed that this was for football fans; that the rest of us simply put up with it, or turn to another channel. Not so, apparently. My eldest son, who hasn't kicked (or looked at) a football since he was made to at school, who is totally unathletic, and whose interests are so esoteric as to leave me permanently baffled, is furious because he's missing the first World Cup match. I was amazed, and said so. "But everyone watches the world cup," he said. "Not me," I told him. "Don't tell me you won't be watching!" said he, shocked. But I won't. I don't want to, I'm not interested, I DON'T CARE.

In a vaguely patriotic way, I'd quite like England to win (although I'm told they/we haven't a chance), but otherwise I shall find other things to do. I'm always mildy entertained when we're knocked out, and all the little flags and silly shirts suddenly disappear, but otherwise I shall ignore it.

Does everyone really enjoy the World Cup? Please tell me I'm not alone (and where I can buy a Not the World Cup tee shirt).


  1. No, I don't enjoy it either. I shall probably get lured into watching a game or two by the appeal of sharing companionable partisanship with Son No 2 but otherwise, it'll just be annoying as the telly will be hogged and the front room filled with ref-abuse and cheering/groaning. Roll on August...

  2. Hi, Alis. I'm glad I've got company. How are the A levels going? Is the end in sight?

  3. HI Frances - the end is definitely in sight and it's next week! English and History on Tuesday and WEdnesday this week, then French next Thursday and we're done!! Phew...

  4. World Cup... Hmm not sure I know what that's all about if you were to say World Book, or maybe, World Novel my ears would prick, but at the moment I'm too busy writing.

    Best wishes,

  5. HI Alis - you must be very relieved. Just think - you may never again have to nag a son to work. From now on (I assume) it'll be up to him...?

    Hi Jamara - you're not missing much (I'm missing as much as I can). Good luck with the writing.

  6. World Cup? YAWN.

    But, then, I feel that way about all competitive sports. Who gives a flip?

  7. I know David, but as the mother of a goalkeeper, I really felt for the English one on Saturday (yes - I was ompelled towatch if I didn't want to spend the evening on my own).