Sunday 13 June 2010

Poohsticks - the advanced version

Another diversion from the world cup - an advanced version of an old game (you watch your stick for its entire journey through the slats of the bridge) as played by grandsons William, Freddy and George on a lovely picnic yesterday.


  1. Don't they look great! Lovely innocent fun away from thumb operated controls!

  2. Yes - these three are great. Real outdoor boys (usually armed to the teeth with stickz. Sticks are enormously important).

  3. Gosh, yes, sticks. When I look back on the first ten years of my sons' lives, it seems they were never without one - even if it was a made-up one from a rolled-up cornflakes packet! Interestingly, they never once did themselves, each other or anything other than weeds any damage with them.