Sunday 20 February 2011


I am not an aficionado (aficionada?) of the fashion pages, but I've noticed a distressing trend. Clothes are no longer referred to as clothes; they are "pieces". This may not be new - perhaps I've only just noticed - but it strikes me as terribly pretentious. I mean, does anyone wash, iron, fold, shop for their "pieces"? Of course they don't. In any case, I'm sure my pieces don't even merit the name. My winter pieces consist invariably of jeans, shirt and sweater (we won't go into underpieces); my summer pieces, ditto, only with tee shirts.

So maybe it has always been thus; perhaps it's just me. Maybe I'm just not a pieces person. But as I type this with frozen fingers (waiting for Himself to finish the Sunday papers and come and do something more interesting, like open a bottle of wine), I can't wait to put away the sweaters and get into my summer pieces (I don't have spring pieces; I've never seen the point).


  1. I don't have pieces either. I have rags. It looks great in the shop, I wear it once, it's a rag. I don't know what I do to them.

    Verification word is, appropriately, 'flumotig'.

  2. Frances, I so agree! Pieces? Please. Right now, in looking at my winter closet I see nothing but brown and black pieces. I've become such a boring person. Having sworn off malls and such, clothing means little to me, other then comfort and warmth for my frozen limbs.

  3. Hahaha I also think that it is utter rubbish.

    But... if my clothes have become pieces, I no longer have a wardrobe.

    I now have a puzzle.

    How is that for a great excuse not to toss anything out in spring?


  4. I have a similar vexation in the way that houses are invariably now referred to as "property", particularly by estate agents and those awful "escape to the country".

    You then get smug gits who somehow have £1.5m to spend and turn their noses up at some perfectly reasonable house saying "We are looking for a larger property". Like a warehouse?

    Is there any interest in your property yet, Frances?

  5. Aliya - recycle. Or wear them/it with pride!

    Hi, Yvonne. Brown and black are good. A lot of my pieces are brown (and black).

    Hi, Misha. Glad you agree!

    Tim - I've often wondered about this "property" thing. When did it start?
    And no. No interest in the - er - property. But then we haven't put it on the market yet. And I'm getting (very) cold feet about the whole thing.

  6. Aaargh! I hate this. It's the whole 'clothes as art' thing where what you wear isn't about keeping warm and comfortable but about 'making a statement'. Well the statement I tend to be making with my 'pieces' is I dislike and despise fashion.
    Sorry to sound snippy but the whole business of clothes often gets me hot under the collar - usually because I can't find anything I like because what I like seems never seem to be in fashion...

  7. But Alis, the "clothes as art" clothes are horrible! They make people looke like Christmas trees or fir cones or something out of Dr Who. No-one would ever actually WEAR them.

    I like what you wear (or what I've seen you in). They suit you. And they are NOT "pieces"!

  8. I've just had a thought. Perhaps it all originated with the codpiece. (Though why "cod"? Very fishy.)