Thursday 3 November 2011

Horse diaries

Titch likes to mess about. He prances up to other horses in the field, and nips them on the bum. This doesn't always go down well. Today, he has a cut on his knee where he's been kicked.

Titch: We're not going out, are we? I've got this sore knee.
Me; It's just a little cut. You'll be fine. Have you been in another fight?
Tich: Yeah. You should see the other guy!
Me: No-one else has been injured. Just you.
Titch: Oh, Is that right?
Me: That's right.
Titch: And we're going out?
Me: Too right we are.
Titch: Can we go to the dairy?
Me: Okay. We'll go to the dairy.

The dairy is a route much beloved of all the horses because it is short. It's the convalsescent route for those recovering from colic, minor injuries or whavever. Titch loves it, and as we set out, he completely forgets his sore knee. We bounce along the road, shying at everything in sight, and when we meet a woman in a bright orange coat, he turns tail and canters off down the road. With some difficulty, I pull him up and apolgise to the woman, who is looking startled.

Me: What on earth was that about?
Titch: You know I hate orange.
Me: I think you're feeling a lot better.
Titch: No, I'm not. I've got his sore knee....By the way, are you still thinking of...of ...getting rid of me?

I think about the huge bill I've just paid the stable. Then I look at Titch's glossy coat, his big dark eyes, his long legs and his ridicuously kissable nose. And I sigh.

Me: No. Of course I'm not.


  1. I love the Horse Diaries, Frances, they always make me smile. Titch is such a wonderful character and I don't blame him one bit for not liking the orange coat!
    And I am so glad he's going to stay :-)

  2. Ah, I bet I know what your current non-fiction writing is all about - it'll be The Horse Diaries! (I am serious. People would love it!)

  3. Thanks, Teresa. In the end, I just couldn't let him go! Well, not yet, anyway.

    Hi, Librarian. Actually, the new book has nothing whatever to do with horses! I'm keeping the subject under wraps at the moment (i'ts the subject of quite a lot of books already, and I want my slant on it to be original) but watch this space...

  4. Titch, with his blue blood and highly aristocratic ancestry, is no doubt an extremely sensitive soul. I think people should take care not to wear orange coats near him at any time!

    Judy, South Africa

  5. Bless Titch! That orange coat sounds horrid. I'd run the other way too.

  6. I really enjoyed your Horse Diary! Alas, horses and I have come to an agreement (after my many attempts at riding): If I promise not to get on their back, and they promises to not try and get me off!

  7. Thanks very much for the comments, Judy, Joanne, and jbchicoine!

  8. Those big eyes do it every time.

  9. And thenose, Valance. Don't forget the nose.

  10. I agree with Librarian, Fances. I think it would go down a bomb. Horse diaries always makes me giggle, and we could all do with a good giggle right nowt