Friday, 27 April 2012

X is for X

X is a lovely Scrabble letter
(It has a score of eight).
An ex is someone you once loved
But may have learned to hate.
X-rated films are violent
And full of naughty sex -
And that's a word that very neatly
Ends this with an x.



  1. I love X too. I love it in words, such as extrapolate and extraordinary.
    And, among other reasons, I gave the name Alexandra to my first daughter because that x in the middle looks and sounds special.
    And I love your exemplary rhyme too.

  2. Replies
    1. Written in haste, I'm afraid, as I was about to go away. But thank you, Rosemary!

  3. I liked your rhyming! Very clever. =)

    From Diary of a Writer in Progress

  4. Love it! You're frightfully witty to write such an x-cellent ditty.

  5. One of our grandsons has the middle name Jaxson, and my husband asked why. "Because his father's name is Jason," I said before Jason could reply. I was right.
    X is wonderful in Scrabble. You're right about that.

    1. Ah, but not a good as Q (which scores 10, but the you need a u to go with it, and I've always got rid of all of mine by the time I land the Q). K's not bad..?