Tuesday, 16 July 2013


We English should never
Complain of warm weather,
And I'm not.
But it's hot.


  1. After having a good winter (I've been told) and a lovely May (I was here to experience that) the last four or five days have been cold, dreich, wet, misty and windy. This morning I have my central heating on - yet again. My only complaint is about people telling me how beautiful the weather is.

    1. I love the word dreich, GB! I haven't heard it before.

      (Don't envy us. I'd almost rather be cold than be kept awake all night by the heat!)

  2. Too hot for me. I'm dreaming of rain - cool, wet, refreshing rain. So long as it only comes during the night, of course.

  3. Our jasmine flowers
    Rain down in showers.
    The honeysuckle bush has flopped.
    This heat for me
    And the bumblebee
    Means the buzz of normal work has stopped.