Wednesday 14 September 2011

Greetings cards (again)

My favourite is still "Happy Easter from the Dog", but here's one that comes pretty close:

Happy birthday to my partner's friend.

Dear friend of my partner
On whose behalf I have bought this card
You'd think he'd find time to buy one himself
But being male he find it too hard.

There's more to this "poem", but I was getting odd looks as I copied it down in the newsagent's (I certainly wasn't going to buy it). So - come on all you (we) guys who want to get into print (and presumably earn some money). Ridiculous subject apart, we HAVE to be able to do better than this. In fact I'd love to run another competition, but it's getting expensive! (Sorry, Joanna. I've bought the tea towel, and it will be on its way by tomorrow.)


  1. I think even I could write a better poem than that!

  2. Eeew buying cards is so difficult. I bought two today for my sons - I like (and they do) off the wall humour, but all of that ilk today had sexual conotations - so had to buy boring stuff.

    The card you described is most interesting and the poem is pretty naff - but a clever ploy in widening the market.

    Anna :o]

  3. Patsy, of course you could!

    Hi, Anna. I think the problem with humorous cards is that after a very short while, you've seen them all, and they're no longer amusing. I used to love the Gary Larson ones, but by the time you've received about tne of each....

  4. That's awful!
    I write verses for greetings cards and I can't imagine any publisher buying it. But, there you go! Perhaps it just proves that there's a market for anything if you look long and far enough.

  5. Gail, how interesting! How did you come to do that?

    Colette, yes. Awful, isn't it?

  6. It's so long ago, I can't really remember how I got into it, Frances.

    I know it started with Simon Elvin. I was paid about 50p per verse and sold hundreds of them.

    Now I write for three publishers and get paid anything up to £50. How times change!! Mind you, They don't buy nearly so many these days since the old credit crunch.