Thursday 5 January 2012

Couple arrested in night club raid

"Sir, Madam, would you come with me to the station to answer a few questions".

This photo makes me laugh because it looks to me exactly like a plain clothes policeman/detective making an arrest in a bucolic nightclub. (In fact, it's three of my children at a family christening.) Needless to say, they don't agree with me, and the "policeman" actually thinks he looks rather fetching...


  1. Well, your daughter does indeed look a bit frigthened with her eyes staring at the camera like that, but I agree - the "police man" does look fetching, albeit a bit serious. The only one who really seems to be relaxed enough to have a good time is the one on the right.

  2. Great photo, Frances! And yes, he does look rather fetching (thought it was David Tenant at first), as do they all. Your daughter looks like you.

  3. Great picture and 'children' to be proud of Frances.

  4. An excellent, arresting photo and fine looking children indeed - and your daughter does look like you.

    Your daughter does look rather startled - what was the photographer up to then?

    Also agree that son in the middle has a look of David Tenant - the doctor perhaps?

    Anna :o]

  5. I love that they're each showing such totally different emotions. It makes for a great photo.

  6. What an attractive family! Great photo.

  7. I'm sure you can think up a convincing alibi, Frances!

  8. Librarian, she always looks like that in photos!

    Rosemary, it's not for nothing that he was known as "smiler" at university!

    Maggie, I have to say it's not my favourite photo, but thank you!

    Anna, I think the doctor must have been the photographer...or the doctor's wife...

    English Rider, if it hadn't been a very respectable christening (Daddy's on the right), I'd say they were all drunk!

    Thank you, Fran!

    Patsy, I'm working on it!

  9. What a good looking bunch of children you have :-)