Sunday, 13 March 2011

Tall, bald, ugly dentist

Don't you just love him? Well, girls, the good news is that he's looking for a partner (and not one in his dental pracice, either), and his advert is in our Sunday paper (details on appilication). I don't like dentists, not that keen on ugly, don't mind about bald, love tall. Which would normally mean, on balance, a thumbs down. But he obviously has a GSOH, and provided he has N/S and WLTM me (and can guarantee free painless root canal treatment), I have to say, I'm tempted.


  1. Great advert - makes me want to see how uglly he really is. He'd have to be really bad to be a disappointment, wouldn't he?

  2. Hi, Patsy. Yes - wouldn't you just love to meet him? And if anyone out there is thinking of making him into a story, I saw him first!

  3. Definitely worth investigation, Frances! Hope you write that story. I wrote a tiny, 75-word piece for Paragraph Planet over a year ago about a dentist (pure fiction!).

    If you ever want to submit something to them, it's at:

  4. My dentist is a very attractive blonde South African - and she has great teeth!

  5. Neither have I, Colette!

    Rosemary - thanks very much for that. I'll check out that website.

    Tim, you're a very lucky boy!