Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A man was executed last night

This is an eye-witness account of the suffering of the family of a man executed last night in Texas. Punish a prisoner, and you punish his whole family.

ALL executions are sad. ALL executions are barbaric. ALL executions are unnecessary. ALL executions hurt.
What made the execution of JUAN GARCIA different from the rest? It was the wailing. It was the gut-
wrenching, fist in the stomach, hand down the throat, hurtful. mournful wailing. The sounds of utter despair,
disbelief, sadness, torment, wailing that came from the three children of JUAN GARCIA tonight when they,
standing outside the Walls, came to the realization that the State of Texas had taken their father and shot
drugs up his vein to kill him. This is the same father, where mere hours ago, had seen his children when he was
alive and wishing them the best in life. This was the same father, who just an hour and a half before, had told
them on the phone to stick together in this harsh world. The three teenagers, ages 15, 16 & 17, could do nothing
except wail when I had to give them the news that their father had spoken his last words and would speak no
more. They lit white candles, released three balloons with their names on them, to meet their father up in the
heavens. And they wailed. This is the sound I will never forget. A sound etched in my mind forever. Reverend
Cheryl rang the bell 15 times, once for each year Juan was on Death Row. I read the poem, "Good Bye", written
by Uncle Ippy, Eugene Broxton #999044, and told the three children that it was from their father to them. I
told them some of his last words to me was for them to love each other and stick together. And, they wailed. At
the church, where they could touch and kiss their father while his body was still warm, they cried out to him to
please wake up. And, they wailed. It is a sound I will never forget. Good night from Texas.


Saying goodbye is never easy

but moving on

We all must do

Going on with our lives

Not just talking about it

But seeing it through

Move on,

My loves,

Move on,

And live,

You have,

Much more to give

Now it's time I must go.

It's not easy to say good bye

But it's time

So I say good bye

Know my love for you is true

And as long as you live,

My love will be with you.


  1. I had to look-up this man, and found that he shot some poor Christian Missionary in the head four times because he wouldn't hand-over $8. I also noted that amongst all his other tattoos were a few 'teardrops', usually a sign of pride in having murdered.

    I think he could at least have apologised to the family of the Missionary, rather than just saying goodbye to his own children. If the law states that you could expect a death sentence for murder, it's probably a good idea to take notice!

    1. On reflection I probably sound a bit harsh above, but it does annoy me when all attention is paid to the murderer, and very little to the family of his victim.

    2. Cro, I have to say I was saddened that you should take the trouble to look up Garcia's crime, but not his final words, reported as follows (Solano was his victim):
      Garcia, 35, apologized to Solano’s relatives in Spanish ahead of the execution. Solano’s wife and daughter sobbed and told the inmate they loved him.

      “The harm that I did to your dad and husband I hope this brings you closure,” he said. “I never wanted to hurt any of you all.”

      You might say that this was not enough, but if the victim's family can forgive, who are you to hold his crimes against him, after his many many years in prison?

    3. PS (reply to Cro) : NO attention is paid to the murderers in Texas. Please look up conditions in the Polunsky Unit in Texas, where they are held in sub-human conditions, in solitary confinement, for years on end.

  2. It matters little whether he was evil, deranged or just stupid. What does matter is that a society that considers itself Christian and civilised should be so barbaric.

  3. I don't see the logic in showing how wrong it is to kill people, by killing people.

    1. Patsy, there you have it. I don't understand it, either.

  4. It's in the Old Testament, Genesis chapter 9:

    "Whoso sheds man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man."

    I don't think it's so much a command as a sad observation about the kind of creatures we are.

    Also, The clear implication is that destroying the image of God (that is, a human being) is tantamount to attempting to destroy God -- much like people in oppressed nations will tear down a statue of a tyrant because it represents the tyrant.

    I'm not condoning capital punishment, just saying that the rationale for it goes back very far into human history.

  5. I think if we all lived by the Old Testament, the world would be a pretty violent place. It's the New Testament that at teaches love, forgiveness, turning the other cheek, and the opportunity for redemption.

    1. If we all lived exclusively by The Bible life would be totally incomprehensible given the many contradictions not least of which is "An eye for an eye" and "Though shalt not kill."

  6. Adrian says it all really. The US is still barbaric in many ways considering it is supposed to be a civilised country. How many more massacres will there have to be before they change their gun laws?

    1. Maggie I think any change in the gun laws really would be shutting the stable door too late. The guns are now out there, aren't they, and I imagine there would just be a flourishing black market in guns, with more trouble.

  7. It matters little whether he was evil, deranged or just stupid. What does matter is that a society that considers itself Christian and civilised should be so barbaric.Once again I echo Adrian's words.

  8. It matters little whether he was evil, deranged or just stupid. What does matter is that a society that considers itself Christian and civilised should be so barbaric. Once again I echo Adrian's comment.