Thursday 21 April 2011

S is for Shoe

This morning, on my way to the market, I saw a shoe in the gutter. It was a respectable brown leather man's shoe, in good condition.

I then met a friend, who also saw the shoe, and he told me the following story (which is meant to be true).

A man was walking through the woods when he met another man, dishevelled and dirty, wearing a single shoe.

'Have you lost a shoe?' the first man inquired.
'No,' beamed the other. 'I just found one!'


  1. A good S post. made me smile.


  2. Haha! It's one way to explain the loss of one of a pair. And what about all those lost single socks LOL?

  3. Ah if only that shoe could speak and tell its tale.
    I've been enjoying reading your Alphabet Blogs, Frances.

  4. Blimey!
    And you think my jokes are bad?

  5. Teresa I thought it might make a good story, too, but didn't bave time to make it into one in time! I've enjoyed the A to Z challenge, but I'm not sure I'll do it again - it's a bit time-consuming! Only 6 more to go...

    Keith, (a)this isn't a joke, and (b)I never said yours were bad!

    Yvonnne and Karen, thanks for the comments. And Karen, who need socks in this weather (hot in the UK!)?

  6. Oh, gosh, I didn't expect that answer...but it's very clever! LOL


  7. Thanks, Colette. And (late) happy Easter!