Thursday 28 April 2011

Y is for Yay...

...for the royal wedding! Even now, there are people grumbling about the expense, the fact that we're stuck in the dark ages, that it's all silly, a waste of time etc etc. But I think that anything that cheers (lots of ) people up, brings us together, boosts tourism, makes (some of) us feel patriotic, gives us a chance to wheel out the coaches and the soldiers and the fly-pasts (ts ts - all that wasted fuel) has to be good. Devizes has sold out of canapes, and also red white and blue flowers, and there are flags hanging from windows. My mad daughter has gone completely overboard with enough bunting to cloak an entire village, union jack plates, a quiz (what's so-and-so going to be wearing. That kind of thing), and we're going to join her.

So here's to a wonderful day. And for those who really aren't interested, there's some very dull-looking daytime TV. Or you can always go for a walk.


  1. I am not interesteed Frances - but nevertheless wish them well.

    I can remember the Queens Jubille street party - now that was good!

    Enjoy your day!

    Anna :o]

  2. Oh I can't wait I can't wait! Just hope my hair turns out okay and that I don't spill tea down Catherine's dress! Have been buying the airfreight Hello (VERY expensive here) since the engagement because I couldn't wait for the seafreight skinder (gossip). Think she will make the most beautiful bride, and such a perfect Queen. In case anyone is wondering, I'm a Royalist!
    Judy, South Africa

  3. They were all into her dress over here - I live on the west coast of the US. That's all they talked about all morning on the news.

  4. Anna, thanks for your good wishes!

    Judy , I do hope you were able to see it all. I thought the whole thing was inecredible. I'm not a coronation-mug-and-tea-towel person, but I do really enjoy it, and it brings us all together like nothing else. And she did look absolutely amazing, didn't she.

    M Pax, I'm glad the US are joining in, and hope you were/are able to watch it (if you wanted to, that is!).