Saturday 27 February 2010

Goodies and Baddies

Today, husband pointed out to me that there are no "nasty" characters in the WIP (he's read the first - and only - third). This was something which hadn't occurred to me at all, and now I wonder whether I ought to introduce some bad characters, or whether a novel can survive without. When I think about it, most novels have a bad character in there somewhere, from Peter Rabbit (Mr. McGregor) to P&P (Mr. Collins, Lady Catherine de Burgh etc). The WIP has plenty of conflict (the situation the characters find themselves in), but no really bad characters. Will that do? Or do I have to introduce a villain? What does anyone else think/do? Help!

Friday 26 February 2010

Birds and Bees abroad

These are the rather strange covers of the French and Dutch editions of The Birds, the Bees and Other Secrets. I'm not at all sure about the hat, but I suppose it's quite jolly. As for the cabbages...where did they come from?

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Some interesting exhibits

I'm currently reading Christopher Hibbert's fascinating biography of Queen Victoria, and came across the following among the list of items exhibited in the Great Exhibition): "...a knife with a hundred blades, a garden seat made of coal, a doctor's stick with equipment for an enema in the handle...a stuffed frog holding an umbrella, a collapsible piano" and "an alarm bed which threw its occupant out at the chosen time."

Apparently none of these has caught on, but you have to admire the inventiveness of the Victorians.

Saturday 20 February 2010

Titch and birthday head collar

Thursday was my birthday, and this is Titch (aka Titchfield) modelling his (my) birthday head collar. H e was reluctant to pose, but I managed it in the end. This is not of any interest whatsoever, but I am practising my photo-to-blog skills.
PS You have to admit he's beautiful.