Friday 26 February 2016

In just fifteen years...

Last week-end, we celebrated the fifteenth birthday(s) of my first (triplet) grandchildren. How things (people) can change in such a short time! Many, many happy returns to my three special babies: M, P, and H. I owe you all so much. You introduced me to the wonderful hand-them-back joys of being a grandparent, disposable nappies,  the periodic table (M), how to do the splits (P), and sheer off-the-wallness (H). I love you all! xx

Monday 22 February 2016

Nation of animal-lovers?

Last week, I read the following:

New research found that:

    More than 1 in 3 British pet owners celebrate their pets birthday
  • 15% sing Happy Birthday to their pet
  • They spend on average £26 on birthday gifts
  • More than half of pets also have their own social media account

These people also dress their pets up in silly outfits, and send them cards. They also receive them.  The oddest greetings card I ever saw bore the merry caption: HAPPY EASTER FROM THE DOG!

Now, I'm as fond of animals as the next person, but this is anthropomorphism gone mad, isn't it? Discussing this with Blue (my horse), I was relieved to find that he was in complete agreement.

"I can't read, and I'm not musical. Singing to me and sending me cards would be ridiculous," he said

"But what about that chocolate from Olly's* Advent calendar last Christmas?" I reminded him.

"I spat it out," he told me.

"Of course you did. I remember. So you don't want an Advent Calendar of your own next Christmas?"

"Don't be silly. I'm a horse."

"So you are. Silly me."

Blue can be very sensible sometimes.

*Olly is Blue's friend in the stable opposite.

Saturday 6 February 2016

The excitement of old age

Here is a hurtful reminder of the passage of time. Courtesy of same daughter.   Not sure what I've done to deserve all this.

Friday 5 February 2016

The cruelty of daughters (King Lear knew all about it)

My daughter just sent me this She may be good at drawing dogs, but she can be very hurtful sometimes.

(What she doesn't know is that the horse is wearing a rug, and you don't ride a horse in a rug. Got you there, Daisy. You'll have to try harder next time.)