Tuesday 31 May 2022

Hi again!

 Spurred on by my granddaughters (thank you, Phoebe) I decided  to revisit my blog, and after much faffing about, changing passwords and grappling with the wrong email address (which appeared from nowhere and wouldn’t go away) I’m back again. A lot of my followers seem to have disappeared (goodbye, and thank you) but I’d love to hear from any survivors? 

In the last two years, I’ve settled into Surrey life (lovely but expensive), struggled with living on my own, but got used to it, loved being near my kids (all four are quite near), made new friends, experimented with online dating (of which more later), acquired a new grandchild,  and written….nothing at all. This last is sad, but I thought perhaps this might get me back into it. Sort of.

If you read this, old or new followers, please leave a message. I promise to reply. If I can remember how…