Friday 6 January 2023


 It seems that I can write a new post, but, mysteriously, have to sign in to reply to comments, but with no indication as to how. Anyway, I suppose this is a start! Does anyone have ideas as to how to reply to comments without signing in? A lot has changed since my blogging days. In the meantime, many thanks to Meike and Dawntreader for your kind comments, and I await your (or somebody’s) advice! 

Wednesday 4 January 2023

Happy Mew Year!

 I’ve had endless trouble trying to get back into blogland, and it never seems to last for more than one post, but if there are any of my old followers still around, have a wonderful year! I’ll not clock off, but sadly I may be gone for some time….😢

Tuesday 31 May 2022

Hi again!

 Spurred on by my granddaughters (thank you, Phoebe) I decided  to revisit my blog, and after much faffing about, changing passwords and grappling with the wrong email address (which appeared from nowhere and wouldn’t go away) I’m back again. A lot of my followers seem to have disappeared (goodbye, and thank you) but I’d love to hear from any survivors? 

In the last two years, I’ve settled into Surrey life (lovely but expensive), struggled with living on my own, but got used to it, loved being near my kids (all four are quite near), made new friends, experimented with online dating (of which more later), acquired a new grandchild,  and written….nothing at all. This last is sad, but I thought perhaps this might get me back into it. Sort of.

If you read this, old or new followers, please leave a message. I promise to reply. If I can remember how…

Saturday 17 October 2020

I’m back...sort of

 I know I haven’t posted in ages, but I’ve  just revisited other people’s, and decided to write something....

This past year has been the worst of my life (did you need to know that?. Probably not...). John had a bad fall in June of last year, and  I became a (willing, of course) carer. But he never recovered his strength, and after a gradual deterioration, he died at home, with me beside him, on 26th April. 

Then of course there was Covid, affecting us all, and we were in the middle of a house move. I’m now in a small but very nice Victorian cottage in Surrey, much nearer my kids, who are all within 40 mins drive,which is much better. I’ve done no writing for at least a year, but who knows...I need to get my mojo back first.

If any of my former followers have news, I’d love to know how you are, how you’re coping with the current plague etc.  Comments very welcome 😀

Friday 3 May 2019

Of clothes moths

This is (was) my son’s coat. I have posted before about clothes moths, and their greedy habit of taking a bite from each garment and never making, as it were, a clean plate by finishing anything off. Well, these are doing their best with this coat, (which has now been binned). The moths have also taken bites out of most of his wardrobe, and he is despairing as to what to do. He says he’s tried everything.

I feel great sympathy for him, but can’t help being fascinated, as our clothes moths conduct their business when we aren’t looking. I have never seen their larvae; only the holes they leave behind.

That’s all.

Saturday 27 April 2019

Room 101

We are fans of the BBC programme Room 101, in which participants jettison things or people they don’t like. These are my top two:

1. Lol. I can’t bear it. It’s the equivalent of an exclamation mark. If something is funny, please leave it to speak for itself.

2. Ironing. Hours spent flattening clothes. Does anyone, anywhere, like ironing?

That’s all. What would you put in your Room 101?

Friday 22 February 2019

My perfect dog

I’ve seen a labradoodle and a
Dachysdoodle too,
But what I really, really wants’s
A peke-a-pug-a-poo.

I’d like to get three little dogs and
This is what I’d do -
I’d mix and match them til I got
A peke-a-pug-a-poo.

People would stop in wonderment,
And then they’d  ask me: “who
On earth have you got there?”
I’d say: “my peek-a-pug-a-poo.”

You’ll never find one in the street
Or park or beach or zoo,
So mine would be unique, the only

So if I fail at writing, or
The other things I do,
At least I’d own the one and only

(Except that I bet someone’s already done it...)