Saturday 28 October 2017



I'm not a particular fan of Halloween, but my crazy daughter is, and having discovered that at 16,  her children have outgrown Halloween parties, she's having one herself. Although not bothered about the party, her daughter did carve this amazing pumpkin for it. She gets her artistic talent from her (this)grandmother, naturally...

So - if you're into Halloween, have a happy one!

Wednesday 11 October 2017

The best sight in the world...

...has been that of wonderful A the Aga man, finally fixing our Aga. We've been without it for two weeks, and haver subsisted on cheap pub meals and ready meals, plus a couple of disastrous microwave-cooked meals (by me). The salmon parcels, with leeks, peas and fromage frais, was particularly revolting. A the Aga man lives on ready meals, but I don't  know how he can. All those E numbers...But he looks well on it, and we love, love, love him!

Monday 9 October 2017

Some good writing news

It's all happened rather quickly, but a new publishing company, Sapere Books, want to take on my existing three novels, and are looking at my fourth and fifth.  I'm really pleased, as they will now be given a good push and some of the publicity they haven't had before. The Birds, the Bees and Other Secrets will also have a new name, which I hope will now deter people from buying it as a sex manual for their kids (it's been atracting the wrong kind of attention!).

I've been hoping for some time for some good news, and I'm sure this will be worth the wait. Please be happy for me!

Wednesday 4 October 2017

My shopping habit in a nutshell

This sign, seen in a favourite shop in Devizes, was made for people like me. In fact in this very place I recently saw something, pondered, finally decided and....poof! It was gone. I never learn