Friday 22 February 2019

My perfect dog

I’ve seen a labradoodle and a
Dachysdoodle too,
But what I really, really wants’s
A peke-a-pug-a-poo.

I’d like to get three little dogs and
This is what I’d do -
I’d mix and match them til I got
A peke-a-pug-a-poo.

People would stop in wonderment,
And then they’d  ask me: “who
On earth have you got there?”
I’d say: “my peek-a-pug-a-poo.”

You’ll never find one in the street
Or park or beach or zoo,
So mine would be unique, the only

So if I fail at writing, or
The other things I do,
At least I’d own the one and only

(Except that I bet someone’s already done it...)