Saturday 17 October 2020

I’m back...sort of

 I know I haven’t posted in ages, but I’ve  just revisited other people’s, and decided to write something....

This past year has been the worst of my life (did you need to know that?. Probably not...). John had a bad fall in June of last year, and  I became a (willing, of course) carer. But he never recovered his strength, and after a gradual deterioration, he died at home, with me beside him, on 26th April. 

Then of course there was Covid, affecting us all, and we were in the middle of a house move. I’m now in a small but very nice Victorian cottage in Surrey, much nearer my kids, who are all within 40 mins drive,which is much better. I’ve done no writing for at least a year, but who knows...I need to get my mojo back first.

If any of my former followers have news, I’d love to know how you are, how you’re coping with the current plague etc.  Comments very welcome 😀