Friday 6 January 2023


 It seems that I can write a new post, but, mysteriously, have to sign in to reply to comments, but with no indication as to how. Anyway, I suppose this is a start! Does anyone have ideas as to how to reply to comments without signing in? A lot has changed since my blogging days. In the meantime, many thanks to Meike and Dawntreader for your kind comments, and I await your (or somebody’s) advice! 


  1. Frances, many of us have been having problems with the commenting feature, one way or another. Sometimes I was able to leave comments as usual, then at other times the very same blog would not let me comment any other way than anonymously, even though I was signed in as always.
    Also, comments are often sent to spam, occasionally, even the blog owner‘s own comments.
    If you are signed in with your google account and still appear as anonymous, I am not sure what more you can do. It may be a glitch and sort itself out next time you sign in.
    Things you can try:
    - Use a different bowser.
    - Empty your browser cache, delete cookies.
    - Sign in from a different device.
    - Sign out, sign in again (deleting cache and cookies in between).

    1. Thank you, Meike, if rather belatedly. I think I (or rather a technical grandson) just might have finally cracked it. Watch this space. Literally!

  2. Hi Frances! I've been having trouble with Blogger lately. If I sign in normally I don't even have a dashboard for new posts, etc. I have to sign in via Google Apps. Plus my widget for followers disappeared. It doesn't seem they are keeping up with their maintenance. I wish I had useful advice. It's so good to see an old blogging buddy.