Friday, 26 June 2009

Crop circles

I live in the land of crop circles. They appear about now, and proliferate towards harvest, and drive the farmers mad (canny ones put collecting boxes in the middle of each circle to capitalise on the situation or, as they put it, to help recoup their losses). For some time I believed in the little green men theory, but the talk down at The Barge - the pub where the circle-makers gather - has put paid to that. Nonetheless, people collect in the middle of crop circles to bond or pray or hug or whatever crop circle worshippers do, and I met some of them today. Had I seen flashing lights and UFOs? they asked eagerly, and I said no, and told them about the people down at The Barge. But afterwards, I felt ashamed, as if I'd just told someone there wasn't a Father Christmas or a tooth fairy, because believing in little green men is fun, and believing in the people down at The Barge isn't.


  1. Hi Frances, Thank you for dropping by my blog.

    I always use to wondered why crop circles were made near main roads and not in some far away little backwater where only one or two people see them? So them not made by little green men then, but by Barge Now there's a real puzzle- How do they get the narrow boat to the fields? ;-)

  2. Ah. Good question, Jarmara. But you see, the men from The Barge come (paradoxically) by car (little green men do not) because they are too lazy to walk. And our crop circles are not visible from the road, or even from the crops circles themseles, but from the hills above. It's all very clever, but not clever enough for the little green men theory to hold water. So to speak.(Incidentally, I tried to leave a message on your blog, but is wasn't having any of it).