Tuesday 3 November 2009

I am not a crime writer. Definitely.

I've just had an hour's chat with WNA (see below), and the crime idea has gone out of the window. For good. Lovely Graham at the police station will be terribly disappointed, as he was coming to see it as a joint venture, but I'll give him a signed copy of something (Graham collects signed copies) and hope he understands.

But - having an agent is WONDERFUL! A whole hour just to talk about my ideas, my book, and (even better) her ideas, without feeling I was taking up too much of her time; a whole new experience. (Which is not to say that Will isn't hugely helpful - he is - but this is different).

So it's back to square one, although I may recycle some of my characters. Square one and I are getting rather used to each other, although we have an uneasy relationship, but that can't be helped. Please wish me luck!


  1. Talking about your writing for an hour with someone who is truly interested - my idea of heaven!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and good luck :-)

  2. Thanks, Liz. I hope your own writing is going well - better than mine, anyway!

  3. Having an agent does sound a bit fab... I hope this setback isn't too devastating, Frances, and that you find the novel you're really supposed to be writing v. soon.

  4. Thanks Alis. Actually, it was rather a relief in a way, because I was becoming so bogged down in police procedure that I felt I needed a full-time policeman beside me while I was writing. But I shall take some of the characters with me, so all is not lost. And as I've said before, I do enjoy the travelling. The arriving (at least recently) tends to bring disapointment.

    Oh, but the agent is indeed fab! I still can't belief I have her, and at the moment, I certainly don't deserve her, but I hope that one day she'll be proud of me. One day...

  5. Hi Frances,
    That sounds great, because like in a crime novel you are eliminating the suspects one by one - so it isn't a crime novel. Sounds like it is not a horror novel either, so you're two suspects down!
    But seriously, just talking about your stuff to someone who will listen is always great because you start to hear how you are talking about your own book, and that can be immensely helpful, just to articulate some of what's in your head. Best of luck, your agent sounds fab.

  6. Thanks, Deborah. You have a point (as in the elimination of suspects) although I shall miss some of them very much (agent said "you've enough for 9 novels here!" An exaggeration perhaps, but I know what she meant).

    And now - are you coming to the Februry gathering? It would be lovely to meet you.