Wednesday 24 August 2011

We're rich!

That cruise we went on...? Well, apparently we're rich. Ok, so it was a kind of luxury cruise (our reward to ourselves for no holiday for three years), but actually, our shameful secret is that we're not rich. We were imposters all along.

But hey! Never mind. The cruise company thinks we are, for it seems that we now belong to an exclusive "club", and have just received our copy of the club magazine*. And guess what. It's full of posh watches and the kind of jewellery that is so expensive that they are coy about mentioning the price, presumably secure in the knowledge that people like us will buy it anway, because what's a few thousand pounds here or there among friends?

But maybe we are rich, because we're going to Corsica on Sunday...

*I wonder whether it takes short stories? I'm happy to throw in the odd Rolex if they pay me enough. It could go towards the next cruise.

(The watch in the picture is only just over £36,000. I can give you the details.)


  1. I'll pass on the watch thanks. I only wear white gold - the yellow stuff is terribly common!
    How rich we feel is all relative isn't it?

  2. Thirty six grand for a watch? Mine cost a fiver and it's five past eleven. What more do you want?

  3. In my opinion anyone who would pay 36k for a watch has more money than sense! Anyway, riches are about far more than money. If you see yourself as rich, then you probably are, regardless how much or how little you have in the bank.

  4. I can't imagine why anyone would want to wear such an expensive item - and the insurance! But I'm not big on any kind of fancy jewellery - only expensive thing I like is my opal ring because I was born in October!

    Enjoy Corsica - we visited it briefly some time ago and it was lovely.

  5. Patsy, if we ever meet, I'll try to conceal my (yellow) gold wedding ring! Yeah. I'm dead common.

    You're right. Keith. Your comment arrived at 11.05.

    Joanne, you are very wise!

    Rosemary, I quite agree. I buy my "pearl" earrings at Sainsbury's. I think they're about £2.50.

  6. I must confess that for years now I have seen things not in monetary terms but in terms of their cruise equivalent - "new patio windows = a short cruise" kind of thing.

    As for your question on my blog Flickr is a photo storage and sharing site which also gives you access to a range of copyright free archive images as well (Flickr Commons) Take a look at it -

  7. Did I say common? I meant classic :-)

    I've just remembered my own watch has gold coloured bits on it, so if we meet, we'll both be hiding one hand behind our back!

  8. Hi, Alan. Yes - I do that with posh meals. I think (for example) "I could have bought the horse a new head collar for the price of the soup." As for what we could have bought with the price of the cruise...

    Patsy, you are being economical with the truth, but I'll forgive you.(My watch is stainless steel.)

  9. I can remember when you could buy a house for that - actually I can remember when you could buy five houses and have change left over for a decent car!

    Hope you have a lovely time in Corsica.

  10. Teresa, so can I! Oh dear...

    But thanks. We love Corsica, and it should be lovely.