Wednesday 13 March 2013

Another winter grumble

It's not just the cold weather; I am also sick of my winter "uniform". I don't dress like Meike, who regularly posts enviable pictures of her stunning outfits. I'm far too lazy. I don't even have a "wardrobe" as such (unless you count the scruffy cupboard full of mistakes and worn out old jeans, among which lurk a couple of nice skirts in case I really do need to scrub up). I certainly don't have "pieces". I just have clothes. Scruffy ones, on the whole. My winter uniform, which I live in for up to six months of the year, is as follows:

Thermal vest (not because I'm old, but because I'm cold)
Shirt (usually white, £8 from Amazon. Amazing value, and they don't need ironing)
Jumper (variety)
Jeans (Gap, because I have long legs)
Socks (various)
Boots or trainers
(No. I don't go comando, but I don't wish to discuss my knickers. Though I will say that Devizes market sells some that are as good as M&S)

For riding:
Men's thermal long johns (Devizes market). They bulge in all the wrong places, but they're warm and cheap.
Men's thermal vest (market)
Women's thermal vest
Polo-neck top
Over-the-knee socks (Amazon. A present from my sister. Just wonderful!)
Riding boots (very, very old).

Does anyone else have a winter uniform? If so, what exactly is it? And  (most importantly) is it as boring as mine?


  1. Jeans, jeans, jeans and more jeans (I have a wardrobe full of them) plus long sleeved stripy T shirts from H&M and Next grey hoodie. I would wear this every day if I could!

  2. When I retired I made a determined effort to minimise my wardrobe. I buy cheaply and wear frequently for the season. The idea was to send those clothes to charity and buy for the next season. Trouble is, this season has lasted forever and Summer lasts a couple of weeks so my Summer wardrobe never wears out!

    1. Let's hope your summer wardrobe gets more of an outing this year, L!

  3. It sounds like the U.K. Grunge version of Ralph Lauren. Does that spin make you feel better?
    I call my wardrobe "Construction Chic". A few less layers than you, but similar.

  4. I'm tired of my winter wardrobe too, in spite of having three or four winter jackets/coats to choose from (depending on what KIND of cold weather we're having), and four or five pairs of winter boots, with a variety of ice-creepers as accessoires. Even indoors I need multiple layers of clothing. The standard everyday winter outfit is jeans and fleece sweaters on top (with various number of layers beneath according to need). I think since New Year there has only been one occasion when I needed to go somewhere and make a more businesslike non-fleece impression for a little while. I then put on a blouse and woollen jacket (underneath the coat and hat and muffler etc) and took a taxi to my destination...

  5. No matter how carefully I (sometimes) shop, I always look like I'm put together from spare parts. I seem to have been this way always, with a few exceptions when I managed to look very good. Unfortunately, such successes were usually met by spilt spaghetti sauce.
    I've now reached the beige-brown-black phase of my life, but am reluctant to get rid of purples and hot pinks from another era (make that another century).
    Some women were born to walk down a runway, while some of us were born to fall down in a driveway.
    Sigh again.

    1. Never mind, Kay. I'll join you on your driveway!

  6. Thanks for linking to my blog, Frances - in fact, I have been planning my next fashion post for tomorrow morning even before you mentioned it :-)
    As for winter uniforms... *sigh* mine is really dull; I have the choice between a grey and a brown padded coat, the brown one being warmer than the grey one, and two pairs of boots (you guessed it: one is brown and one grey), plus 3 or 4 woolly scarves which make the only visible splash of colour when I'm outdoors.

    1. No, strangely enough, I don't own any yellow coats or scarves or gloves!

  7. Which ones are you asking about... Around the house and while writing
    Black Jogger bottoms, roll-neck top with baggy jumper over the top and sock-slippers I have matching colour roll-neck tops to jumpers i.e dark green roll-neck to green jumper etc. I try to match my sock-slippers too (I know, sad :-)
    If I'm going out I wear jeans, baggy shirt with waistcoats plus coat, boots and I'm into hats big time...

    If I need to be a bit more dressy I can do that too. Sorry, I love clothes, I create my own styles and don't follow fashion.

  8. Does PJs and a fluffy dressing gown count?

  9. Replies
    1. Sometimes you can be very heartless, GB.

    2. Including the word 'sometimes' was very kind of you Frances.

  10. Love your post, Frances! I don't have a uniform but I do have certain heavier clothes for our cold winters.

  11. I don't like winter weather, but I do like winter clothes, as I love to layer up. I have worn a skirt once in about 2 years. I have also noticed that I love stripes, and shades of grey, blue and purply-lilac. I have three pairs of very comfy boots, so not looking forward to having to bare my feet to sandals - no I won't be doing that.

  12. Not fifty shades of grey, I trust, Maggie?

  13. I've never had a winter wardrobe Frances - just wear my usual uniform of 'me' clothes. Only additions are cardies and a winter jacket, oh and boots when need be.

    A bit boring aren't I?

    Anna :o]