Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Back to Death Row...

Today, I receive this email:

Dear Everyone

I'm delighted to tell you that Rodney Reed, who had a date for March 5th, has been given a stay!  I'm so pleased for Rodney, his family and his LifeLines penfriend, Ken.

But please keep in your thoughts/prayers those who still have dates:  Manuel Vasquez, Randall Mays, Kent Sprouse, Manuel Garza, Richard Vasquez, Robert Pruett and Derrick Charles.  Think also of their LifeLines penfriends who are supporting them.  Thank you.

Best wishes

LifeLines Coordinator for Texas

Those of us who write to prisoners on Texas death row receive regular updates from the indefatigable  Margaret, who works tirelessly to keep us up to date. The above includes some good news, of course. But these stays of execution are always more or less last minute, so the inmate has already gone through a lot of the anticipation and fear. One prisoner came within minutes of execution three times, only to receive a stay. On the fourth occasion, they went through with it. That's four journeys of over forty miles, in an armoured vehicle, with a police escort, to the place of execution; four last meals; four farewells to family. But of course,"cruel and unusual,punishment" is against US law. Exactly how cruel and unusual does it have to be to qualify?

More people are needed to write to prisoners. Please.....( again)...could one of them be you?



  1. I have said it all before but no I don't really want to communicate with killers.
    Nor do I want to hear from or reply to Americans that can tolerate such inhuman treatment.
    If you aren't sure of the judges decision then forget the death sentence. If you are then carry it out the next day.
    They are for the most part bible bashing perverts. Holy Joes. Not a Christian bone in their bodies or perhaps we have just reigned in the Christians here.

    1. Hang on a minute, Adrian - this post wasn't aimed at you! I know your feelings on the subject. But this blog is visited by people who aren't followers - people who may not have seen me banging on about this before - and one of them just might want to respond.

      Now. Please let's call a truce. I'll admire your photos, and you can...well, ignore any posts of mine to which you object. Okay?

  2. I don't feel I could communicate with these prisoners as I can't imagine what they are feeling or what conditions they live under. I do agree that capital punishment should be abolished and I admire you and Margaret for your work.

    1. Thank you, L. Not really admirable, though. I've made a fascinating friendship and learnt a lot.

  3. I think it takes a special person to communicate with Death Row prisoners, Frances, of which you are one. I cannot understand this torturous use of stay of execution only to go through it all again. Horrendous.

    1. Rosemary, I'm really not special! I just felt that being vehemently against the death penalty was fine, but that I really ought to DO something. It's not always easy, but so rewarding.