Sunday 25 July 2010

Birds and Bees goes cute

This has suddenly appeared on Amazon. I'm not at all sure why, since I've already received copies of the French version, which was quite different. But I suppose it's rather sweet, in a Dr. Spock-ish sort of way. But it costs over £16 so I certainly won't be buying it.

However, I do wonder where it came from...?


  1. Yikes. Don't you get an author copy, since it's your book and all?

  2. Hi Faye. Since you ask, I've contacted Macmillan (who were as surprised as I was) and they're finding out about it. But it's all very strange, especially as the picture bears no relation whatever to the book.

    How to bring up your child? Don't (or maybe do)let babies eat roses?

  3. I assume the translation must be idiomatic--and, since the French are ruthlessly and (oddly) Germanically inflexible about their figures of speech, I'd guess the phrase must be spot on. (The things we'd call "cliches," the French call "the proper way of expressing it.")

    Please keep us updated!

  4. It's the baby manual look that bothers me, David. People are already looking up the English version thinking it's a sex manual. Perhaps I should start writing manuals.

    Oh well. Back to the WIP...

  5. I do think somebody should take the rose away from that child!

    The rather charming title is, however, somewhat reminiscent of the dedication in the English version of the book?

  6. I think the rose is probaly plastic, Alis. Or maybe it's got something to do with rosehips (rosehip juice, babies, that kind of thing?).

    By the way, how was the holiday? and the midges? Did the anti-midge stuff work?

  7. The holiday was wonderful and surprisingly midge-free thanks, Frances. Though when we did have occasion to use the stuff one day when walking through a forest, it was remarkably effective!

  8. I have now received five large very pink copies, and the rose is definitely plastic. Phew! So altogether I now have 11 copies in French, and have nowhere to put them (and no-one to read them, although I have started one myself in order to improve my French).

    I'm so glad about the holiday Alis - and the midges!