Monday 5 July 2010


Years ago, we were in a very expensive (for us) restaurant, and heard from a neighbouring table the fluting (and very posh) tones of a woman telling her companion: "that's where we sent Bunter for the quails' eggs for our party". We have always treasured this, and wondered whether Bunter managed to complete his mission, and whether he was invited to participate when the time came.

I was reminded of this this afternon in Sainsburys, overhearing two men in conversation. One said to the other: "she was probably pretty when he first started seeing her, but now she's on the turn". A particularly revolting expression, I thought, and not one that anyone would think of applying to a man...


  1. The nearest male equivalent would be "run to seed", which I agree is nowhere near as vile.

    Too good not to recycle in fiction, though...

  2. 'On the turn' - I like that. From milk to cheese. Just as tasty but with a bit more bite. And smellier, obviously. And better on toast. This metaphor isn't really working, is it?