Saturday 14 August 2010


I love talking to my grandchildren. I love the wacky questions and the weird conversations. I've just had two small grandsons to stay (aged 8 and 6), and we had some lovely chats, from why you can't bury a horse in your garden, to the following:

Freddy: Granny, what's the furthes away you've ever been?
Me: Africa.
Freddy: where in Africa?
Me: Zambia.
Freddy: why didn't you go to Chad?

Why indeed. I have no idea why I found this so entertaining. It could be that I've barely heard of Chad, or simply the inconsequential nature of the question. Or the fact that it's almost impossible to answer. Why didn't I go to Chad? Perhaps I should put that right while I've still got the energy.

Meanwhile the lavatory jokes rumbled on ("I've just done a poo in the shape of a woman!"). Why are these so endlessly entertaining for the under-somethings (not to mention one or two over-somethings)?


  1. Oh, but I want to know why you can't bury a horse in your garden. Apart, obviously, from the fact that it would need to be a big one. Garden, that is, not horse.

  2. Kids are brilliant aren't they? I've watched that Ken Robinson speech you mentioned a couple of times and loved the stories about the little girl and the one about the Nativity play.
    Belated congrats on the grandchild. Looks like you'll be handling more awkward questions in a few years time.
    Also like the updated photo.

  3. Work it out, Alis. Work it out (actually in our case not that diffcult since all we have is a courtyard. You'd have to be Fred West with a JCB to bury anything there).

    Hi Keith. I'm glad you enjoyed the Ken Robinson talk - I didn't know whether anyone had opened the link as no-one commented. I think he's brilliant. And I'm glad you like the photo. I HATED the old one, never wanted it on my blog in the first place (long story), and am very pleased to have got rid of it!

  4. The new photo does actually look like you, so definitely an improvement on its predecessor!