Tuesday 24 August 2010


The WIP is no longer a WIP (or nearly no longer) - it's a FWIP (or will be when I've finished editing it, but as I tend to edit as I go along, there isn't a huge amount to do). This is a serously scary time, as I love the journey (the writing), but the arrival is full of potential potholes. Firstly, of course, what will Agent think of it? This really matters a lot. And if she approves, will she find it a good home? A bidding war (dream on)? Even a two-figure bidding war would be nice, just so I could boast about it. (Actually, the French had a little bidding war over Birds and Bees, but a French bidding war isn't quite the same).

And I realised too late that not only have I done animal funerals again (as mentioned in a previous post), but human ones, too. What is it with me and funerals? Certainly I seem to have been to quite a few, including my first husband's (that was such a nightmarish day I don't know why I'm even mentioning it), and in another life I quite fancy the idea of being an undertaker (sorry. Funeral Director). But otherwise I wouldn't say I was over-preoccupied with death.

So. Very soon, The Wait will begin. Aaaaaaaagh!


  1. Congratulations! Best of luck with it.

  2. Congratulations!
    Hope the bidding war materialises, and a 17 book deal (which I read in the Independent was what was offered to James Patterson along with a scary number of millions) Here in the world of Lilliputian royalties my WIP has just gone off to my agent.And I hope she'll like it enough to think its worth sending to Will.

  3. Thanks, Deborah, and very good luck with yours. Isn't the waiting awful?

  4. Excellent - many congratulations. I finished last Friday, just before friends descended on us for the weekend, then we went away for a few days to see my parents. Now - or rather, soon - the rewriting will begin. And, despite having edited massively as I went along, there's still a lot I know I need to do. The beginning needs to be in a different place...

  5. Thanks, Alis. I'm finding an awful lot of faults along the way, which is a bit of a bugger, but I'm soldiering on.

    Very good luck with yours. There seem to be several of us at the same stage at the moment.