Saturday 6 November 2010

Lucky day

Today, I am lucky. Very lucky. Why? Because I fell off my horse (entirely my own fault - my stirrup got caught in the catch of a gate, horse tore through gate, I did not). And - and this is the lucky bit - I wasn't badly hurt! So I'm lucky.

if I hadn't fallen off the horse at all, no-one would have told me I was lucky. When you come back from a ride (or a car journey, or even a walk) unscathed, no-one tells you you're lucky. But have an accident of any kind, and if you're still breathing, you're lucky.

Seven years ago, I broke my back. And boy, was I lucky! Everyone - but everyone - told me how lucky I was. I could have been killed, broken my neck, been rendered helpless or my brain turned to mush. But lo! I only had to spend weeks in hospital (and in pain), so I was lucky. So many people told me I was lucky that I began to feel that falling downstairs (I know. How unglamorous is that?) was a really lucky thing to do. But while I didn't mind saying myself that I was lucky, I really objected to people with lovely, whole unbattered spines telling me I was lucky.

I'm beginning to stiffen up now. Having caught the horse (who really was lucky since he'd wanted to go home anyway), walked (a long way) back to the yard where he lives, made sure he was all right, and got myself home, the bumps are beginning to make themselves known.

But I must keep telling myself: I'm lucky.


  1. Ouch! Not sure I'd feeling lucky. Hope you mend quickly.


  2. That sounds very painful. Hope you're not too sore today!

  3. Ouch! Feels like a long way to fall, doesn't it? I hope the bruises, aches and pains wear off soon, Frances.

    On the being lucky front, I must admit that I tend to feel awfully lucky a lot of the time - especially when I look at my bright, healthy boys and know that a tiny difference in birth or pregnancy might have made things very different and their lives much less straighforward.

  4. Thanks, everyone. I think the siffest things are my fingers from hanging on to the reins long after the outcome became inevitable. But the horse was very good, and after galloping off in a panic, he came back and allowed himself to be caught.

    Alis - I feel lucky, too. Much of the time. Just not in the aftermath of an accident. And yes - kids are amazing, aren't they. We had my (child genius) grandson to stay last week, and listening to him banging on about all the things he knows (he's like a walking encyclopaedia), I wondered that a quarter of those genes came from me. He can sing the whole periodic table. I don't even know what it is.

  5. Glad you got away with just a few aches and pains.
    My wife had a horse for nearly 10 years and I used to worry every time she went out so I know how your husband must feel. My sympathies therefore go to him as well as yourself

  6. Thanks, Keith. My husband says "you're quite right, and thank you for your support"!