Monday 1 November 2010

Too late for Halloween

I don't really do Halloween, but my grandchildren do. Here are Harriet and Phoebe (I've no idea what they're supposed to be) with Geoffrey the dog dressed up as a dragon. Well, they brighten up the blog...

(You need to click on the pic to appreciate Geoffrey's outfit, but even then it's pretty obscure)


  1. Don't need to know what the costumes are to recognize them as adorable. :)

  2. Love the dog costume. Our dog had to become a super-owl. This involved a cape, wings and a hat. He wasn't keen.

    The Munchie was a wonderful pumpkin witch. She doesn't like the whole 'trick or treat' thing so she shyly wishes people a happy halloween instead, and gets buckets of sweets in return.

  3. Trick or treat or fancy dress parties - they're just opportunities for us all to exercise our imaginations - I'm all for it!

  4. That dog is very cute indeed, but he rolls in fox poo (there are a lot of urban foxes). All the time.

    The children are also quite cute, but with nicer habits. Do you have a pic of your dog, Aliya? I can't quite visualise the outfit.... And the Munchie, of course (a much better way of obtaining sweets).