Tuesday 4 January 2011

The Archers' birthday bash

What a let-down (in every sense). We were promised life changing (well, Ambridge-changing) events in the 60th. anniversary episode on Sunday, there was all that hype, a half hour - yes full half hour - episode. We waited by the radio with bated breath (we usually only listen about once a week, if that. It's all you really need). And what happened? Helen had her baby.
And it was fine (Alis and I were wrong there), and Nigel fell off his roof.

Ok, so Nigel is dead, but that's not really enough, is it? It doesn't begin to compare with Coronation Street's tram crash (yes, I am a fan. Have been for years). The tram crash was wonderful. Fires, people buried in rubble, three dead (although admittedly one had already been murdered), the lovely Becky going on a pillaging spree. Altogether enough material to keep them going for years. But the Archers... Oh dear. Of course, Elizabeth (the widow) will never forgive David (her brother, who was up there on the roof too), and everyone will be very sad. But let's face it, it's hardly ground-breaking stuff. The only person I feel sorry for is the actor who played Nigel, for what on earth will he do now?


  1. Yes. Well disappointing. I had at least hoped for a high noon type showdown between the Grundy brothers.
    Still, I have hopes of Helen falling apart as she realises she can't control her baby...

  2. There must surely be an opportunity for the cow sound effect in the terrible aftermath of this tragedy (inspired, it seems, by the real-life demise of Rod Hull).

  3. But Alis, we'll probably have to wait ages for that. Oh well.

    Tim - I'd forgotten the cow noise. There's hope yet. I wonder whether it's too late for arson in the cowsheds? But then we'd need lots of cow noises, and it seems they've only got the one. What a disappointing start to the year.