Wednesday 19 January 2011

Naughty step

Meet Geoffrey, my daughter's dog. He's still only a puppy, and he's on the naughty step for chasing the cat.I've put him here to brighten up what has become rather a dismal blog over the past week or so. Oh - and because he's very cute. (And I'm not really a dog-lover.)
But I have an interest in Geoffrey because I found him for her. My daughter wanted a labrador ("so that it can put its head on my knee and gaze up into my eyes,"said she, who knew nothing about dogs, least of all large ones, but who had been watching that very soppy film Marley and Me). But now she has Geoffrey, who is a miniature wire-haired dachshund.
Geoffrey is ideal for a beginner because (a) he needs very little exercise, (b) he doesn't shed his coat and (c) he does very small poos.
What more can you ask?


  1. He's absolutely gorgeous...would love one too but I do think the cats would object.


  2. He is cute! Do they really not shed any hair at all?

  3. He's gorgeous! I didn't know they didn't shed.
    You only have to look at my daughter's labrador and you're knee deep in fur! But he does do the resting his head on your knee and gazing adoringly at you thing - I just don't wear black anywhere near him.

  4. Hi, Liz. Geoffrey's cat is very stupid. She hasn't yet learnt that all she need do is spit and lash out, and that would be that. Oh - another advantage is that Geoffrey fits through the cat flap. It's a win-win, isn't it (though sadly not for the cat)?

    Alis - they really don't seem to shed hair (tho' I suppose it must go somewhere).

    Hi Teresa - yes, shedding hair and big waggy tails and long wet walks...the price you pay for the adoring thing. But Geoffrey sits on your lap and adores, which is nearly as good.

    Aliya - isn't yours a labrador?

  5. He's half-lab, half-Springer Spaniel. They call them Springadors. No moulting. No snappiness. Amazing with the Munchie and content to put his head on one's knee and gaze adorably upwards. But he needs one heck of a lot of exercise.

  6. I think they are the same 3 reasons my wife married me.