Saturday, 3 November 2012

One last silly present

                    Inflatable zimmer frame (quote from catalogue)
"Picture the scene – a dignified 50th birthday party. The wine is poured, the nibbles are out, there’s an oldies CD playing in the background and several people have rattled off boring toasts. The atmosphere is getting a little dull when, with a mischievous grin, you hand over your gift, an unassuming, beautifully wrapped, box. Just imagine the roar of laughter that will follow it when they open up the gift. Fun will be had, the Zimmer will be passed around and you’ll be spotting photos of party guests with it all over Facebook in no time!"
How can you resist?  But don't forget the mischievous grin, the beautifully wrapped box, and the crowd of party-goers just dying for a good laugh. (I'm not sure whether the man in the picture s helpless with laughter, or has just suffered a blow to the knee. But no matter. It's all good clean fun, isn't it?)

I promise I'll try to stop now. Well, I'll try...


  1. Sounds hilarious - but if it doesn't get a big enough laugh you could poke someone in the eye.

    1. Good idea, Patsy. A poke in the eye always goes down well!

  2. It doesn't happen often, but I am lost for words at this brilliant idea of whoever came up with it.

  3. I think I've just lost my sense of humour.

  4. He looks in pain! Or helpless laughter at such a gift.

  5. I hope my friends don't ever think that would be a good gift for would definitely be regifted....made me laugh though.

  6. I hope that your husband John is getting stronger and feeling better every day....please give him my regards.

  7. Even with your imaginative talents you couldn't have made that one up so I have to assume it really is an advert. It wasn't issued on 1st April was it?