Saturday 29 December 2012

New Year Honours

These seem increasingly arbitrary. I haven't heard of half the people mentioned, so probably shouldn't judge, but Cherie Blair? I know many many people who work tirelessly for charity too, with nothing like her power, connections or resources. And nobody has noticed them.

But my biggest grumble is no knighthood for William Roache. The longest serving actor in the longest running soap, and he just has an MBE, like many of the rest of the cast. Okay, so I'm a Corrie fan (if not really a Ken Barlow fan, but that's beside the point). But still...

So. Who would you nominate for a gong, and why?


  1. Most of these honours seem to go to people who're already recognised and rewarded - if they weren't already famous and have influential friends it's unlikely that those making the decisions would ever have heard of them.

  2. I am just thankful that I'll never be offered one.
    It would be embarrassing to be a Knight and a republican.

    1. I wouldn't want one either, Adrian. Just as well...

  3. I would give them to unknown people who have served the people... People like police offices who were killed saving others like the off-duty office killed when he went to help a neighbour, or a fireman, nurse etc. I'm sure there are many others we don't know about... What about the people who rescued the woman from her car in the floods.

  4. Like many others, I'd rather they went to the unacknowledged heroes in society. Although I don't watch Corrie, I have to agree about William Roach as far as TV land goes.

  5. One of my uncles in Yorkshire has an OBE for his serving in the police force for many many years. Officially, he is retired now, but does not stop working; he trains younger officers now and finally has more time for the charity work he has begun years ago. With a group of friends, they have bought and restored a derelict barn, converted it into a youth hostel type of thing where people can stay (self-catering) for about 3 quid per person per night, and they invite groups of children from Chernobyl over to give them fresh air to breathe, and groups from big inner city schools with students who have never been out in the country before. I think their work is very admirable, and I know my uncle would be doing this with or without the OBE, he is just that kind of person.

  6. Your uncle is obviously a deserving recipient, Meike.

  7. There is a local man,in his 80's, who spends most of his time ( I nearly always see him when out on a dog walk ) picking up litter...I would nominate him . He keeps the area tidy for me and others to enjoy.