Monday, 8 April 2013

Help, please!

I'm totaly ineffectual at things technical. I seem to have pressed something, and now my entire blog's become very small! How do I restore it, please? I have been wasting the last half hour (see previous post) trying to rectify this...Suggestions welcomed very gratefully.


  1. Hello Frances. Template>Customise>Adjust widths is what you need. Alternatively you can go Template>Customise>Advanced which will take you through every option available with a preview every step of the way. It's gotta be easy if I can follow it.

    1. Oh, Valance! Where have you been? Actually I seem to have solved it (with the help of a technician I phoned), but it's lovely to hear from you! Thanks for the help, too.

  2. Glad to be of service, Pard. I just happened to be passing through when I heard your cry for help. Where I've been is a long story that's coming to a blog near you soon. Tipping my hat your way, Frances. Good to see you again, too.

  3. While there are lovely helpers around, can anyone tell me why my novels keep disappearing from the sidebar? Sometimes they reappear briefly, only to vanish again. Probably something I've done/pressed/unset...

  4. At the moment, I can only see "Basic Theology", but I am sure you want all of your novels to be visible there as before.
    Such things are done under "layout". There, you can arrange, rearrange, add and delete all sorts of things. But if you haven't changed anything there lately, then my best guess is that it is blogger's bug and has nothing to do with you.

  5. If your screen goes small or large it can be a result of pressing (and here I am working from memory because I've used a Mac for a long time) Ctrl and + (to increase) and - (to decrease) or 0 (zero) to reset everything to 'normal'.