Friday, 12 April 2013

On the death of Lady Thatcher

Whatever you think about Lady Thatcher, she was a statesman (woman/person) who aroused strong feelings. I certainly didn't like all she did, but she was there and she was passionate and people sat up and took notice of her. I abhor the behaviour of those who are dancing in the streets, because it is inapproriate, bad manners and just plain nasty, and I'm not at all sure that this big funeral is a good idea (for many reasons). But whom do we have in the government nowadays?

There's no-one now who's statesmanlike
Who makes you stop and think.
Their politics are palest blue
Or faintly tinged with pink.
I forget what they all look like
Or even what they've said.
But all I know is that their names
Are Dave, and Nick, and Ed.

There's no-one now to love or hate;
No-one who stands right out.
I've no idea what they believe
Or what they're all about.
The opposition disagree
With all the government's said
On principle. But which is which
Twixt Dave, and Nick, and Ed?

Election comes tomorrow?
I wouldn't know how to vote.
Three grey men in three grey suits
All sailing in one boat.
So whom can we depend on
To come along and save
Our country? Well, it matters not;
Pick Ed, or Nick, or Dave.

And so the three all muddle through
And do the best they can.
I'm sure they're all well-meaning
And committed, to a man.
But how I long for somebody
To love (or make me sick!);
But all we have are three 'nice' men
Called Dave, and Ed, and Nick.


  1. Good poem! But a mega expensive state funeral? Check this:

  2. I don't think the link worked - it was a comparison of Atlee and Thatcher and what they had done for the country. I certainly would not riot at someone's funeral, but let us not forget.

  3. I agree with everything you've said there - and I love the poem!

  4. I agree totally with the sentiments of your poem, Frances. A waste of time voting these days. Good one.
    PS Liked your horsey story in WW.

  5. As far as I am concerned she went years ago. Her own party sacked her as a loony. Her legacy is one of division.

    I could go on and on but the Witch Is Dead....I am happy she lasted so long and bred a crook. She must have suffered.

    I just hope and pray for another rainy summer. Folk tend not to riot in the rain.

  6. Excellent sentiments and brilliant poem, Frances - I cannot understand why people are so nasty after someone has gone.

  7. I agree with Rosemary. Whatever your thoughts on Maggie, she is a piece of history. The maliciousness after her death is a very sad thing to read about.

  8. I would discount the protestors (rioters) as mischief-makers for the most part. I daresay few will really know much about that era and what happened. I think we are going to see a lot of violence and probably looting taking place while the police are distracted. Peaceful protest in a country where free speech is a right that was hard fought for is a wonderful thing. Those that abuse that privilege are beneath contempt.
    Whatever Margaret Thatchers faults, they pale into insignifance when compared with the perpetrators of barbarism that we may well witness over the coming days.

  9. Great poem! I love,
    "Three grey men in three grey suits
    All sailing in one boat."

    I was never a big fan of Maggie's, to tied up with Ronny for my liking but she was memorable, I'll give her that, and deserving of a respectful send-off.

  10. Brilliant poem and I agree with the sentiments. I'm sure we never used to be so irreverent when people died.

    1. I think it's another modern thing, sadly, Maggie.

  11. Brilliant poem and how true!
    The reaction to Margaret Thatcher's death disgusts me. Whatever she did, and I happen to think she did a lot of good before finally, and sadly, losing it, she and her family deserve the same respect in death as any other person. It seems to me most of the people dancing in the streets were not even born when she was in power!

    1. I think it's just an excuse to rebel, Gail. Like hooligans at football matches..?

  12. Love this, Frances! Great poem. I was talking to a friend about whether there was anyone else at all we could think of who could incite such hatred? For all her failings she wasn't Pol Pot... though she may well have been mates with him, too!

  13. Much of the behaviors we see around us daily can be categorized as "Unseemly". There are multiple generations now who were raised by parents who didn't ever want to hurt their feelings and encouraged free expression over consideration for others. Everyone has the right to an opinion but should also value and consider opposing opinions.
    As to a ceremonial funeral, I believe it is an issue of national prestige and self respect, as much as an homage to an individual.
    There was great discussion in the US about the money spent on Reagan's funeral in a time of economic hardship. The same answer applied, even though I was not an admirer of Reagan.
    Remember the big picture. There are other nations looking in, from many different view points.

    1. It's not the koney or the pageantry that bother me, ER. It's the security risk. A woman about whom people are so divided...Others have compared this funeral to those of Diana or the Queen Mother, but while not everyone loved them, no-one felt as strongly against them as they did about Maggie. I just hope no-one gets hurt.

  14. If nothing else, Margaret Thatcher was a female Prime Minister in the Old Boys' Club. She was far from perfect, true, but she did prove that a woman can attain that position, if nothing else.
    I believe state funerals honor the position as much as the individual who held that position.
    As for rioting, it is ridiculous posturing, with a high cost to property and to people. Peaceful protest is one thing, rioting entirely different, and it demeans the country even further.

    1. I agree, Kay. But as I wrote in my reply above, the security issue does concern me.

  15. Does thinking that I won't comment on this post constitute a comment?

  16. I agree with what you say, Frances, and I think your poem is brilliant.

  17. I agree with the others, Frances. The only word that can apply to your poem is brilliant.

    1. Thank you. And thanks for the edit! I shall change it. I think my fingers slipped...

  18. P.S. (wearing my editor's hat) - I think you meant principle, not principal....