Wednesday, 26 June 2013

1471 - the downside

The phone number, that is. The one you dial to see who last phoned. Useful, but it can be annoying. I've just had the following experience (rather reminiscent of Winnie the Pooh).

Phone rings.

Me: hallo?
Caller: hallo?
Me: hallo...Toby...?
Caller: it's not Toby. It's Tim.
Me: hallo, Tim.
Caller: who is that?
Me: It's Fran.
Caller: did I ring you?
Me: yes. The phone  rang, and I picked it up, and it was you.
Caller: did you ring me?
Me (slightly exasperated): no. You rang me.
Caller: ah. I just dialled 1471

Mystery solved. John had called Tim earlier, and not left a message, so Tim wanted to know who had called. I just wish people wouldn't do this. I feel all confused now (so, I gather, does Tim).


  1. In Germany, we don't have a 1471. What many people (myself included) do have is a router called fritzbox. In my case, telephone and internet all run through the fritzbox. This is where (through the computer) I set my phone to the number it is supposed to show when I call someone, depending on what hat I am wearing that day (= what company I represent on that particular day, or just making private calls). It is also where I can see who called any of my various numbers (five at the moment). If I don't know the number and I want to find out, I can google it and it usually shows me who the number is registered for. Very comfortable thing, that fritzbox.

  2. In Sweden we don't have a 1471 number either. I can see the number calling on a display on my phone though. Or the name, if it's a friend whose number I've registred. Unless it says Unknown; which can be either a friend with unlisted number, or something to do with health care. For a few years I was really scared of the Unknown because it usually meant Trouble/ Bad News to do with my elderly parents. But I also had a good friend whose husband was a doctor and did not want their home number listed, and it could be her. Either way, I never dared NOT pick up the phone if it said Unknown. Luckily salespeople aren't allowed to use it.

    1. You too, DawnTreader? I am sadly outnumbered.

  3. In New Zealand I have a system like Meike's. In Scotland I have a system like Monica's. Simple.