Tuesday, 25 June 2013

That Nigella story

The other day, someone asked me what I thought about this, and my immediate reaction was: for goodness' sake, leave the poor woman alone. The "attack" took place in a public location in broad daylight. Nigella is a big girl, and in this kind of situation, she can no doubt look after herself. What she doesn't need is a whole load of publicity on top of whatever problems she may already have.

Am I hard? I don't think so. I always stop and try to help if I see anyone in distress, and have stopped at the sites of at least two fatal road accidents (while the rest of the traffic zoomed merrily past). But surely there's a difference between help and interference?

The tabloids, of course,  have loved every rminute. There's nothing quite like seeing that the rich and famous can suffer, just like the rest of us. Undisguised glee emanated from every front page. And can't you just imagine the converstions? "Hey! Look! She's crying! Quick! Get that before she wipes the tears away! The nose pinching? He pinched her nose and I missed it? Damn! I'll get it in the neck from my editor. Do you think the Daily Scandal missed it as well? I do hope so."

But back to Nigella. She's not always had it easy. She lost a mother and a young sister to cancer, and a husband, whom she nursed devotedly. But at least she has the financial resources to lead a separate life, if necessary (many abused partners do not). She will get through this on her own.

If only we let her.


  1. No one came to her aid? That's what's shocking and should make the news.Shame on people who saw a woman in distress and did nothing.

    1. I'm not at all sure she wanted or needed help, EM, but she certainly didn't need the publicity!

  2. Yes, just like gloating really.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more Frances.