Monday, 31 October 2016

At last - the answer to all my dreams ....

... this email arrived this morning. 
Apply to me if you want details.

"Are you still fat ? 

Are you thinking about your future ?
You have desire to have a nice wife/husband ?

 Same like everybody…
Did you saw cartoon “robot wall-e” , 

do you want to looks like people over there ?
 You like sport but anyway you love to eat alot ? 
You have desire to be strong and fit , 
but too lazy to do anything ?
 We can help you to be fitness ! Don’t worry,
 you will be able to watch your TV 
or eat chocolate …

Take care about your self ! Do not lie to yourself"

I can't account for the weird script. 


  1. I don't want to watch TV, but not to worry as I'm quite happy to continue eating chocolate and telling myself lies.

  2. The option of either watching TV OR eating chocolate worries me a little. I did both at the same time yesterday.
    Will that jeopardize my chances to have a nice wife/husband? Same like everybody?
    Do I want to looks like people over there? Which people, over where?
    Oh, and of course I want to be fitness!!

    1. Meike, oh how we want to be fitness! (And eat chocolate)

  3. With a BMI of 19.8 I didn't read past the first line (Says I, lying to you).

    1. Graham, is that good (the BMI)? I've forgotten what they all mean.