Tuesday 4 December 2018

A cautionary tale

I buy a lot of things on line, and frequently send them back. This is not least because I am (as wonderful Chris, who runs a lovely gift shop in Devizes, and is incredibly helpful, says)  “trying to find the perfect present”.  When I receive it, it’s no longer so perfect, so quite often, back it goes.

But there are pitfalls, and this morning I have fallen into  every single one.

1. Forgetting to fill in the form properly; the one that has to go INSDE the parcel.
2. Forgetting to copy the order number from that form onto the return label (which is now inside the parcel).
3. Forgetting to include the form at all. Having packed everything else up, and congratulated myself on doing it so well, I look round, only to see the form still sitting smugly OUTSIDE the parcel.
4. Wondering whether I’ve filled in the form properly after all. This involves opening up the parcel again, just to make sure.

I had to reopen one parcel FOUR times this morning.....I’m still wondering whether I got it right 🤔

(And before anyone tells me that I should buy from proper shops, I do whenever I can.)


  1. I buy stuff online but have stopped getting cheap items as I have found they are often unfit for purpose and the cost of returning such items is prohibitive.

  2. It is very rare that I order anything online, and then they are always "safe" things such as books or DVDs so I already know exactly what to expect, no trouble with sizes or anything.
    The other items I have ordered were gift hampers which were always exactly as described, and very well received by the person I gave them to.
    I don't think I have ever returned anything I have ordered; I guess even if I'd order something the wrong size, I'd be too lazy to go through all the hassle involved in sending it back!

    1. Meike, I could have written your reply myself! You come across as having all the virtues of organisation that I so sadly lack 😰

  3. I buy a lot on line (a fact of life when living on a remote Island) and can only recall sending one item back recently because it was faulty. The process took less than a minute on Amazon and I took the parcel (with no forms) to the post office where the Amazon barcode on my phone was scanned and they put the label on and sent the parcel. Simple.

    1. Ah. You’re obviously better at this than I am, Graham. One of my problems is that if,say, a gift isn’t absolutely perfect for the recipient, back it goes...

  4. I love buying online... I am fairly certain that the continued existence of Amazon.com is due to my Prime membership and my multitudinous and prolific use thereof. I can relate to your holiday-related scatterbrainedness - sometimes it takes me three trips back in the house to get the things I was leaving to mail out before I can actually drive down the driveway... ha!