Wednesday 22 December 2010

Trolleys - Part Two

I've done it!

I wasn't going to. As I struggled to and fro laden with shopping bags (we are close to the shops, so rarely have to use the car) , I was determined to hold out against the shopping trolley. That little voice kept telling me I wasn't old enough; that a shopping trolley was the beginning of the slippery slope (together with thick stockings, big knickers and bubbly grey perms). But then I saw it.

It was bright and blue and cheerful, with yellow daisies. It was very, very cheap. and it called to me. In I went, and wheeled it about a bit. It was wonderful. It turned on a sixpence, was easy to park, and had plenty of room. So I bought it.

How did I ever manage without it? I wheeled it through the streets of Devizes (pulling, not pushing. You don't run so many people over that way), light as a feather (although by now, competely full) and wondered how on earth I had ever managed without it.

It is my Christmas present to myself (John's present to me is apparently stranded in Turkey, so I need cheering up). And I LOVE it!


  1. haha Glad you're loving.

    As an interesting (or boring) aside, our expression in the states is, "turns on a dime." So I checked.

    Sure enough, 10 cents (a dime) is roughly sixpence.

  2. You should get one, Nevets. You won't regret it.

  3. Picture needed of this remarkable item!

  4. It sounds lovely with the daisies and all - and I second the request for a picture :-)